Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Obama says Libya is a turd sandwich-Jon Stewart-Sen. Schumer's ’Extreme’ Moment

You Heard the speech are you buying it? Is Jon Stewart is Buying the President’s NATO Argument? Obama PRESIDENT OF THE WORLD! Sen. Schumer‘s ’Extreme’ Moment’Caught on Audio’
What Happened to the Libyan Woman Who Claimed Gadhafi Forces Raped Her? Will we help her, will she be stoned to death?
Stephen Lerner still touting ‘Economic Terrorism’ Plan. AND more on the Blaze Radio, hear me on stitcher, tuneIn, pod pickle and Itunes.
 hear it here:

Monday, March 28, 2011

Libya, What the Hell are we doing there? Flash Mob of Kindness! Fox Piven

itunes pic Libya, What the Hell are we doing there? Is this a humanitarian action or something more. And the Flash Mob for Kindness where we go out and give someone in need a bag a food. Israel and the Middle East how we got here. Evil Frances fox Piven and more. Hear us on Stitcher, TunIn and more.